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Voodoo Dolls

A Mystery.

This Voodoo doll was hand made in New Orleans Congo Square by a local practitioner.

The Wizard and his Voodoo practitioners offer to you a variety of Voodoo dolls, grisgris bags, and mojos. We are fortunate to have a selection of imported mass produced Voodoo dolls for parties and conventions, hand made Voodoo dolls by local artists and practitioners,inc. The Wizard, and our "CROWN JEWEL" of Voodoo doll artists and craftsmen, the famous, mysterious, and world renowned Mr. Lucky out of New Orleans.
We offer Voodoo dolls for any occasion and at very reasonable prices, these Voodoo dolls are well worth cashing in on as they'll make a great addition to any party or convention.

Voodoo Dolls by Unknown Craftsmen.

Voodoo Dolls by Mr. Lucky.

Special Creations & mojos by The Wizard.



Browse our pages of Voodoo doll selections. For special needs and any questions feel free to e-mail or call the Wizard at any time.

PHONE: 336-682-5131


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