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Are you ready to wear a feather boa?

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Feather boas reasonably priced!

The feather boa is very light and colorful, and groups of feathers worn as feather boas or cut to length, and stitched on costumes and purses, are a very nice party and dance item. Our feather boas are good quality, nice and fluffy, and not too expensive. We have feather boas with solid, two tone and multi colors plus some with gold or silver tinsel. We have pink feather boas, red feather boas, blue feather boas, green feather boas, orange feather boas, purple feather boas, yellow feather boas, black feather boas, white feather boas, plus many, many more. All our feather boas are bulk quantity priced.

 The Mardi Gras feather boa is very popular and can be worn for all occasions.

The Mardi Gras Feather Boa :

The multi-colored Mardi Gras feather boa pictured at left is green, gold and purple, very colorful, fluffy turkey feathers, six foot long. 

This way to the feather boas.

The Feather Boa is essential for walking down Bourbon St. or strolling around the French Quarter, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The feather boa pictured is distinctive and representative of many. Prices will be adjusted according to quantity ordered. Charges for shipping will vary depending on quantity and date needed. Buy feather boas for your next bachelorette party or bridal shower. Get your order in in time! You don't want to be without feather boas come Mardi Gras or any other event. E-Mail or call the Wizard. Group discounts possible for dance recitals, stage shows, drill teams, cheerleaders, conventions, etc. Resellers and artists welcome. Feather boas can be cut to length and stitched on dresses, purses and costumes. All basic colors available and or can be ordered. In addition to standard solid colors, we have a large number of two tone feather boas, feather boas with gold or silver lurex[tinsel], and rainbow six color feather boas. Special orders don't upset us. We probably have it or can get it.

E-mail the Wizard to discuss or arrange your individual feather boa order. Our prices are reasonable and generally lower than others on the web. Get a total price from the Wizard including shipping, handling, and all charges before you buy somewhere else. No hidden, last minute, check out charges with the Wizard. You might save some $$$

Bright red feather boas on hand. Sample boa. Deep purple feather boa anyone? Sample boa.
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1 Case of 48 assorted feather boas = $180.00 inc. domestic shipping.

For larger orders call or e-mail the Wizard for a feather boa bulk price.

The more you order the less you pay per boa! Prices will be based on what you need, quantity ordered, costs at time of sale, and date of delivery.

Please E-mail first:   TheWizard@mardigraswizard.com

Then Call 336-682-5131

Pay by PayPal.

 The Wizard,
 Biloxi, Ms.

To order, and pay on-line, click on the PayPal button.
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