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Quantity bulk feather boas in assorted colors for sale in bulk cases for groups, conventions, and parties, at reasonable discount and wholesale feather boa prices. Assorted color lots of fine feather boas for sale are all 6', 50-55 grams, fluffy turkey feathers. They don't bleed or stick you and are very durable
Real Voodoo dolls for sale that are handmade and blessed to individual needs, and made to specific orders. No molds are used and no two are alike.
Quantity Voodoo dolls imported in bulk quantities for groups, conventions, and parties, at reasonable and wholesale prices.

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Mardi Gras information.
I have Voodoo dolls, feather boas and Mardi Gras Information.

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For more information, or any questions about our quantity bulk discount feather boas, Voodoo dolls, or any of our other products, go to one of the links above,  or e-mail: TheWizard@mardigraswizard.com

For information, background, and a brief history of The Wizard explore here now. After all, if you can't trust The Wizard , who can you trust?

Please e-mail first, and then to speak to The Wizard about your individual needs, call: 336-682-5131

Remember, The Wizard's specialties are cheap bulk quantity feather boas in assorted colors, handmade, blessed, real Voodoo dolls, plus wholesale voodoo dolls, quantity Voodoo dolls, and Voodoo dolls made locally in New Orleans. The feather boas and Voodoo dolls come in many different colors, designs, and are priced to sell at a reasonable price for every pocket book. Be sure to visit our feather boa and Voodoo doll pages while visiting my web-site.
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Biloxi, Ms.

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